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         Google might have clamped down on certain white, gray and blackhat SEO tactics with their Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates over the years. However, profile backlinks can still give the backlink profile of your money sites a significant SERP (search engine ranking placement) boost, as thoroughly tested and proven by many veteran agencies, Web publishers, ecommerce operators, business owners and Internet affiliates worldwide.

         As with any other traffic generation, SERP improvement and social media marketing tactic, you should understand how and why these techniques can actually work to your advantage. This ensures that you aren't just blindly following a certain set of strategies simply because you heard it from others.

         You'll be able to carefully study, test and improve these tactics when you first learn the main reasons how and why they can be cost-effective for generating positive results from your campaigns. With this, here is a shortlist of the benefits that you can get from correctly placed profile backlinks this 2017:

How & Why the Right Profile Links Can Help Your Business

         1. Backlink Diversity - Remember, Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing place a lot of priority value to natural backlinks. This is why the backlink profiles of your money sites should have an effective combination of backlinks from nofollow and dofollow sites of different types and with a wide variety of DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority).

         In addition, keep in mind that these Internet search engines know for a fact that responsible Web publishers and business owners like you want to reach your ideal audience by sharing authority content across the online places where your target viewers hang out. This is how profile backlinks can be a good addition to the backlink portfolios of your money sites, supporting your reputation as a brand that aims to share your authority content across various online places. Don't forget that many sites where you can place profile backlinks are usually ones that allow users to register for content publisher accounts and set up their own profile pages.

         2. Optimized DA & PA - A lot of sites where you can place your profile backlinks have significant DA values. This can be passed on to your profile pages in those sites, especially if your content is regularly featured and listed in its homepages.

         This can pass the DA of those sites straight to your profile pages, improving its PA in the process. With other backlinks from various sources powering up the PA of your profile pages, your backlinks in these pages can count as valuable recommendations in the eyes of Google due to it combined DA and PA values.

         3. Visibility Across Your Target Audiences - You can even get direct traffic from your profile backlinks. If you regularly share authority content and participate in meaningful discussions with the other publishers and viewers of those sites, then many of your ideal audience in those online places could most likely feel the urge to check out your profile pages, just to learn more about you, your brand, Web properties, business, products and services.

         Your profile backlinks can then take them to your landing pages, opt-in offers and other Web properties. When you implement the right CTA (call to action) techniques into the pages of your websites, you'll be able to get more subscribers, fans, followers and buyers, as well as compel significant numbers of your target viewers to leave comments and engage with your content.

         Now that you know how and why the right profile backlinks can improve the bottom-line results of your brand positioning, traffic generation, social media marketing, SEO and backlink building campaigns for your money sites, your next step is to learn how to choose the most suitable websites where you can place your profile backlinks. Choosing the right sites can allow you to avoid needlessly wasting your time, money, energy and other resources. To help you out, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind when planning out and executing your profile backlink building campaigns:

Quick & Easy Tips to Choose the Right Websites for Your Profile Backlinks

         1. Get to know your ideal audience better. Your priority is to learn where they prefer to hang out and view the content that they want, as well as to participate in meaningful discussions with others who share the same interests. Take note of the websites that allow users to register accounts and the privilege to publish, share and comment on the content across the different sections of those sites, especially those with profile pages for their registered users.

These can be online forums, content streaming repositories, Web 2.0 sites, blog networks, download and content sharing sites among others. Prune your shortlist down to sites where significant numbers of your ideal viewers frequently hang out and view content during their day-to-day activities on the Internet.

         2. Trim your shortlisted sites for your profile backlink building campaigns down to those with contextually relevant pages, especially those that are ranking well for directly and laterally relevant keywords in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. By choosing these sites, you'll be able to leave non-spammy comments with backlinks that point to your profile pages and onsite materials with supplemental content and complementary value for the benefit of your target audience.

         You can even contact the members who published those top ranking content pages in those sites for mutually beneficial deals. For example, you can write about the topics that they covered in their posts, and mention them briefly as the authors of helpful resource materials that made it possible for you to create your content. Once you publish your material in your Web properties, you can tell them all about your newly published materials. They'd most likely want to link to your content from their top ranking posts that you chose to write about, as well as to your profile page in the same site.

         3. Consider the DA of the sites where you want to register an account for your profile backlink building campaigns. In addition, choose the content pages with the right PA to cover for your onsite materials, which you'll use for the purposes mentioned earlier. This will enable you to only choose sites and pages that can add authority and diversity to the backlink profiles of your money sites and other Web properties.

         4. Take note of the average number of active content publishers, viewers and guests at any given time in your shortlisted sites. Remember, you can get direct traffic from your ideal audience in those sites.

         This means placing your profile backlinks in the right sites with significant amounts of regular traffic can increase your chances of funneling the viewers of those online places straight to your landing pages, opt-in offers, social media posts and other Web properties. This is especially true if you take time to establish a solid reputation as a friendly expert resource of helpful advice, interesting content and useful recommendations across those online platforms.

         Keep these things in mind to get the optimum benefits from your profile backlink building campaigns. If you want to entirely avoid problems that can happen when you fail to do this right, especially if you don't have significant experience in building the right profile backlinks for your money sites, then you should take a closer look at the cost-effective solutions of SEOETraffic.Com.

         They're a veteran SEO and multimedia marketing team with lots of satisfied customers who continue to use their profile link building service on top of their other packages, such as their guest posting, Web 2.0 backlink development, social signal building, EDU and GOV backlink placement offers. Go here to learn how SEOETraffic.Com is helping Web publishers, ecommerce operators, Internet affiliates and business owners like you.

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