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         Social signals play a crucial role today for your multimedia marketing campaigns. By optimizing the social signal profiles of your Web properties and online businesses, you'll be able to consistently drive loads of targeted Web traffic to your websites and significantly improve your conversion rates.

         This means you'll be able to funnel more traffic from relevant sources to your online properties, convert significant numbers of first time visitors into long term fans and subscribers, and compel your followers to take mutually beneficial action on your recommendations and suggestions. However, before you can generate these benefits for your online business and Web marketing campaigns - You should first learn what social signals are, and how it can considerably affect the results of your ventures on the Internet.

What Are Social Signals in Digital Multimedia Marketing?

         In simple terms, social signals make up the social profile of your Web properties. These are the likes, follows, views, tweets, pins, shares and comments of your posts and content materials across the most widely used and immensely popular social media networks today. These include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, other content sharing sites and repositories.

         The social profiles of the viewers and groups that like, comment, share, tweet and recommend your content materials are also taken into consideration significantly by third party networks like search engines and these social platforms themselves, in terms of the weight of those social recommendations. For example:

         If your website has been liked and shared by many viewers who have a lot of followers because of their relevant expertise in related industries and niches that are directly and laterally related to where your business operates in, then Google, Bing, Facebook and others consider these as significant recommendations from authority resources on the Web. In addition, their followers, fans, regular readers, members, subscribers, customers and other viewers consider these as a form of positive endorsement for your brand, products, services and content.

         A website with the right social signals can rank in Google and Bing for heavily searched keywords and keyphrases that are directly and laterally relevant to the needs and concerns of your ideal audience. Plus, more viewers in your target markets would most likely go to your websites and pay more attention to your content materials because of these endorsements. That's because you'll be able to reach wider segments of your prospect markets whenever influential content producers share and recommend your content to their fans, followers, subscribers, regular viewers and customers.

         To conclude, found below are the main benefits that your websites and online business ventures can get from having optimized social signals. Also included are some tips and pieces of advice that can help you start out on the right foot, in terms of significantly improving the social profile of your Web properties:

Top Reasons Why You Should Optimize the Social Profiles of Your Websites

         1. More Targeted Traffic - As mentioned earlier, whenever a social media user, online community administrator or a digital content publisher recommends your content, brand and business to their fans and followers, their viewers would most likely pay more attention to your content and visit your Web properties to take a closer look at what else you can offer them. These recommendations can be in the form of likes, tweets, shares, positive comments and reviews.

         Now, imagine if you get a consistent flow of recommendations from influential social media users and content publishers with lots of fans and followers who are in your direct and lateral target markets? Won't your prospects be more likely to look at your content and visit your other Web properties?

         2. Positive SEO Results - Google and Bing have started to put more weight to the social profiles of a website, in terms of their search engine ranking algorithms. This means if your Web properties have the right social signals, your content pages would most likely rank well for keywords and keyphrases that are used by your ideal audience when they want to look for something that's relevant to your products, services and content.

         Before the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like, Google publicly announced that backlink profiles of Web pages are one of the main factors that they used to rank Web pages in their search engine index. However, from the time they implemented Panda, Penguin among other updates into their ranking algorithms, backlinks gradually took a backseat in terms of ranking a Web page in their search index for relevant keywords and keyphrases.

         This was also before social media became more important in the day to day activities of millions of Web users around the world. Today, Google and Bing are now using social media recommendations in their search engine ranking algorithms. After all, this is exactly the main component of backlinks - A natural, unbiased recommendation by a user for the timeliness, relevance, importance and quality of content, products and services that are being promoted on the Web.

         3. Improved Conversions - The recommendations and endorsements of trusted contacts like influential personalities and persons of authority in a certain niche or industry, and more so from a friend with significant experience in relevant topics, would most likely have a lot of weight in the eyes of your ideal audience. For example, if your friend who regularly helps you fix your computers and tech gadgets time and again, won't you take a closer look at the computers, software tools and other electronic devices that he or she talks about in a social media platform?

         Now, imagine a couple of social media users with lots of long-time friends, fans, subscribers and followers recommending and talking about your Web page and opt-in offer in their Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts and so on. They most likely share the same interest in your offers as many of their friends and followers. With this logic, then won't it be likely that many of their contacts would end up checking out the content, products and services that your Web properties and online businesses have to offer them?

         So, if you're promoting an email series or a downloadable material in your landing pages as a way to entice your ideal prospects to sign up to your mailing lists or become a member of your online communities, then won't it be best for you to get recommendations from their trusted friends, influential contacts and authority personalities across their social and professional networks? Well, that's the power of social media recommendations!

         If you want to use the authority expertise of a seasoned team for giving your Web properties the social signals that it needs to produce these benefits, then you can check out what SEOETraffic.Com has to offer. That's because boosting the social profiles of your brand, online businesses and Web properties requires significant knowledge, lots of tests and a considerable amount of investments in the form of time and money to do this right. Go Social Signal service to learn the benefits that SEOETraffic.Com is continuing to provide Web masters and online business owners like you through their social profile boosting packages at very reasonable prices.

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