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Social signals are Facebook Shares, tweets and +1s from various social media network sites that create a connection between a user and the website, which is exactly what search engines are looking for.

Social signals is an indication that your brand is being talked about by consumers, and this in return improves your website popularity, traffic, and SERP ranking because search engines sees high quality social signals as trusted “recommendations”. It is thus essential to buy real social signals services when you need to improve your site’s recognition.

As social shares are becoming more of a ranking factor, it is essential that your site has the right amount of natural social signals to rank the highest in search engines possible.

Remember, Google isn’t only looking for link building and SEO anymore − Social Signals are just what you need to raise to the top! Backlinks have been and always will be a very good option to rank sites. But as Google continuous change the algorithm and release updates Social Signals are the best way to go. What are you waiting for? Outrank your competitors with our Social Signals! Order now and raise your Social Share count!


How our Social Signal service work

  • After order, please give us only one URL of your website.

  • We manually do the job with following steps:

  • - 100 Google plus shares.

  • - 4000 facebook likes.

  • - 100 facebook shares.

  • - 100 facebook comments.

  • - 600 Twitter tweets.

  • - 100 linkedin shares


Benefits of Using Our Article Submission Service

All Major Social Media Sites: Only we can offer all Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit..

Free Social Signal Indexing: We submit all Social Signal URLs to to get the Social Signals indexed.

AFFORDABLE PRICES: Our submission services are affordable as compared to the market and we provide discount for outsourcing companies and firms, we provide timely reports.

100% Google Penalty Safe: We guarantee that our Social Signals will never ever raise a penalty on your website!

Increase Visitor Growth: You will get many new real fans and customers and also more returning visitors to your website. So your community growth will increase dramatically.

Improve Ranking: TWe consider all Google ranking factors to boost your ranking the most effective way while generating real traffic!.

Real Human Traffic: We aren't using any bots or programming, like other social signals services do. Each and every snap is physically and real.

Build Trust & Authority: Sending social signals is a well-accepted method for establishing trust. It makes sense that websites should at least be mentioned on Facebook and Twitter from time-to-time.


Our services have the following features:

Our Social Shares and Signals Services are 100% REAL, and MANUALLY established for a more natural sharing profile of your site/page/blog.

Signals and shares from social sites are Search Engine Algorithm friendly.

100% Safe and Search Engine Friendly.

The Signals are from REAL LIFE USERS with REAL PROFILES.

Few additional shares from more USERS even after the order completion.

A proven way to increase your SERP to your website, blog or any link !!!

Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is this Social Signal Service safe (google penalties etc.)?

  1. Yes, there is absolutely no chance of getting your website penalized. A google penalty for Social Signals does not exist.

Q. What’s kind of signal are you providing

  1. They are 6 kinds bellow:

  • 100 Google plus shares.

  • 4000 facebook likes.

  • 100 facebook shares.

  • 100 facebook comments.

  • 600 Twitter tweets.

  • 100 linkedin shares   

Q. Will Social Signals improve my rankings?

  1. Yes, Social Signals will help to improve your rankings with all search engines. If you are running a backlinks campaign you can use the Social Signals to justify your link building process.

Q. Do you make use of any tools or software to automate the process?

  1. No, we do not make use of any software or tools. Our dedicated submission team will make all the work manually.

Q. Do you send reports?

  1. Yes, we send you a link to track your Social Signals. The Social Signal reporting include all Social Signal shares including the URL of each share!

Q. How many sites can I use?

  1. You can use only 1 URL

Q. What sites are compatible to Social Signals?

  1. You can use any sites for Social Signals. Not matter if money site, Web 2.0, Private Blog Network (PBN), Articles, YouTube Videos, Bookmarks, Wikis etc.. You can use any URL.

Q. How much time do you need to start the order after purchase?

  1. We immediately start your order on the same day.

Q. Do you offer discounts for bulk customers?

  1. Yes, you can get up to 30% discount. It depends on the size of credits you buy. You need to contact us before place bulk order.

Q. What is the timeline for the completion of my social bookmarking order?

  1. The turn around time is about 3 - 5 business days.

Q. Will you provide me with good customer support?

  1. Yes, we will provide you with excellent customer support. Submitcube is fully dedicated to offering its customers with outstanding services. You will be able to get in touch with us easily in a number of ways. You can reach us anytime through phone, email or web chat. Our company offers 24x7 support.