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         This is a heavily debated question across a wide variety of SEO communities all around the world. Some claim their tests point out that Google is most likely sticking with backlinks as one of the main factors for their ranking algorithms. Others say that Google is putting little weight to the social popularity of a Web page.

         However, a lot of SEO groups indicate that their test results show a considerable growth in the importance of a website's social signals for achieving top rankings in Google's index for related search terms. They even claim that social signals are now more important than backlinks. So, which is which?

         The short and sweet answer to this question is yes - Google has apparently started to factor in social signals into their latest ranking algorithm updates. In addition, backlinks have started to take a backseat when it comes to ranking a Web page in their Google's index for relevant terms.

         The Google Search team has publicly announced that they're using social signals as a means to rank Web pages in their search index. In fact, they say that they've been doing this a long time ago, even before the explosion in popularity of widely used social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

         Technically, Google has indeed been doing this even before the boom of social media. That's mainly because backlinks are in fact a social signal. After all, Google tries to factor in natural backlinks for ranking Web pages, and they've done this since their company started to become a household name for finding something on the Internet.

         According to many SEO specialists, Google now has an efficient way to take note of social recommendations due to these social media platforms. After all, these online places are where users all around the world can engage with their friends, colleagues, groups and other like-minded individuals to participate in relevant discussions, like and share or post timely content that's related to their common interests and so on.

Backlinks & Social Signals

         A lot of SEO experts claim that social signals are much better than mainly using backlinks. They say Google most likely puts more weight to the social media recommendations of influential users, groups and the like in these platforms. This is why it becomes more difficult for spammers to game their algorithms.

         Since Google also probably factors in the engagement that a content material gets as much as certain viewer details, then many say that this is a better way to tell what's hot and what's not in the eyes of people around the world who share the same interests and needs. In fact, Google has also been doing this outside the realm of social media, through the integration of localization into their ranking algorithms.

         This is where you're given results that are also most relevant to your current geographic location. Because of social media, even the geographic location of users who recommend a content material can also be factored in, aside from their other details.

         How to Maximize SEO Benefits Through Optimized Social Profiles

         You should implement effective onsite SEO standards into your sites and content pages. Combine this with an effective backlink building strategy. Top this off with an optimized social profile for your Web properties. What you can get from this tactic includes improved Google SERPs (search engine ranking placements) for your target keywords, increased traffic and impressive conversions. Here are some tips on how you can do these things:

         1. Onsite SEO - Google loves Web pages with rich multimedia content and a simple to index internal linking and categorical system. This means you should provide written, image, video and even audio content to your ideal prospects, especially if your target viewers prefer to view content differently. In addition, this allows you to present your content in much better ways.

         You should also make it quick and easy for your viewers to find the content that they need and to view more information and references. This requires a simple to follow categorical and internal linking profile. Don't forget to not just place internal links, but also external links, particularly to authority pages with supplemental content that can add more value to the overall experience of your target audience.

         Don't forget to integrate accessibility protocols into your Web properties and content pages. Remember, the tools that persons with different disabilities use are also often integrated with the same functions as the code of Google bots or search crawlers. For example, putting helpful alternative text whenever you include images in your Web pages won't just allow blind and low vision users to use their screen readers in your website with ease, but Google bots will also have a quicker time in indexing the content of your pages.

         2. Backlink Portfolio - Build contextual backlinks in authority sites and Web pages. Take note of the DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) of the websites where you place your backlinks. Also keep in mind to combine generic, specific, commercial and branded keywords or keyphrases as the anchors of your backlinks.

         Don't forget that your backlink profile should look as natural as possible in the eyes of Google. This means you should place your keyword-anchored backlinks across an effective combination of dofollow and nofollow websites with a variety of DA and PA values. In addition, mix up the types of websites where you place your backlinks.

         Timing also plays an important role here. A sudden surge of backlinks for old content could be suspicious in the eyes of Google. What you can do is plan out your content posting and backlink building campaigns to look as natural as possible, even if they decide to do a manual review.

         3. Social Signals - Your Web properties should have a consistent, healthy dose of social media recommendations from users with relevant interests, especially from influencers with lots of followers and fans with interests that are related to your brand, content, products and services. Your social profile should also look as natural as possible. You must set up your social media pages and fill it out with helpful content that's interesting, entertaining, informative and helpful for your ideal viewers.

         Again, timing is an important factor in building the social signals of your Web properties. Tie this in right with your content posting, social media sharing and backlink building campaigns, and you'll be able to generate optimum benefits from your campaigns.

         As you can see, doing these things right might be simple, but it won't be quick and easy, especially if you don't have suitable knowledge and expertise in onsite and offsite SEO, backlink building and social media profile development. It's best for you to consult experts like the team at SEOETraffic.Com. Through their reasonably priced social media marketing packages, you'll be able to get similar results as what many Webmasters and online business owners are continuing to get from SEOETraffic.Com - Go here to find out the type of results that you can generate from their social media marketing services.

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