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         Getting GOV backlinks for your landing pages, opt-in offers and other Web properties can significantly improve the bottom-line results of your business. Many Web publishers, Internet affiliates, ecommerce operators and business owners around the world continue to generate positive results this year from their .gov backlink building campaigns. However, doing this wrong can definitely waste your time, money, energy and other resources.

         That's because producing the best results won't be possible by just having a ton of backlinks posted live across the first .gov sites that you see on the Internet with auto approved comments. Doing this right isn't as simple as it sounds. You need to consider some very important factors before you even integrate GOV backlinks into your Google SERP (search engine ranking placement) improvement, social media marketing and traffic generation campaigns.

         To help you start out on the right foot, found below are a few quick and easy reminders that you should follow when you want to add .gov backlinks to your offsite SEO plans. You'll be able to avoid a lot of issues when you keep these things in mind:

Simple Pointers to Remember When Building GOV Backlinks

         1. These .gov backlinks are powerful, authoritative recommendations in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo!, especially when it comes to the timeliness, contextual relevance, factual correctness, technical accuracy and overall quality of your Web content. That's because not anybody or any organization can register .gov domains. This high level of complexity is considered by the most widely used search engines on the Internet as a formidable security measure against spammers and other illegitimate groups that want to manipulate their search engine ranking algorithms.

         Domain registrars all around the world require a lot of paperwork, legal documents and other verifiable evidence to prove that you're a licensed and accredited government office or agency before you can get your hands on these .gov domains. This isn't as simple and straightforward to work around, especially since these domain registrars work with country-specific third party institutions to verify the authenticity and confirm the validity of these requirements. This is why the operators of almost all .gov websites won't be lenient with spammy content or receptive to low quality backlink placement offers.

         However, keep in mind that GOV websites will have different DA (domain authority) values, and the content pages under those .gov domains will have a variety of PA (page authority) values. These are based on many factors that are directly related to the backlink portfolios of those GOV websites and its pages. In addition, these different DA and PA values will also produce a variety of effects to the SERPs of your Web pages where your backlinks point to.

         2. As with all other backlinks in various types of Web properties under any domain extension, contextual relevance is a crucial factor in terms of the value of those backlinks in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo!. This is why you shouldn't just get as many backlinks as possible across the largest numbers of GOV websites out there today.

         Instead, you should handpick the right .gov sites before you try to share your content or place your backlinks in those Web properties. Besides, knowing the content of your prospect GOV websites for your backlinks plays an important role in finding good prospects for placing your backlinks, convincing the operators of those .gov sites to agree with your publishing deals, and in correctly building the backlink portfolios of your money sites using these GOV backlinks. Plus, don't forget to optimize the keyword anchors of your backlinks.

         3. Always remember that Google, Bing and Yahoo! prefer natural backlinks and frown down on unnaturally built backlinks. This means you should place your backlinks not just in content pages of .gov sites with very similar DA and PA, but also in a variety of pages under sites with different top level domain extensions.

         Plus, you should place your backlinks across an effective combination of dofollow and nofollow websites. You should also strike an effective variation when it comes to the keywords that you'll use as the anchors of your backlinks. Remember, your objective is for the backlink profiles of your money sites to look as natural as possible in the eyes of these Internet search engines.

         4. The effectiveness of the content pages in the .gov websites when it comes to powering up your backlinks in those locations also relies heavily on the backlink profiles of those offsite places. This is specifically the DA of the .gov website and the PA of its content materials where you place your backlinks.

         This means that, in order to get the best results from your .gov backlinks, you should also boost the backlink portfolios of the content pages in those .gov sites where you placed your links. You should do the same thing for the other offsite locations where you intend to build your backlinks.

         Just keep these pointers in mind, and you'll be able to significantly increase your chances of getting the best results from your backlink building campaigns using these .gov sites for your landing pages, opt-in offers and money sites. To ensure that you don't run into the same issues that other Web publishers, ecommerce operators, Internet affiliates and business owners like you are constantly encountering when they try to build .gov backlinks, you should leverage the veteran skills and seasoned expertise of reputable agencies like SEOETraffic.Com.

         The GOV backlink building service packages of SEOETraffic.Com are cost-effective solutions for your online marketing and Google SERP improvement campaigns. Their guest posting, social signal development, Web 2.0 backlinks and .edu backlink building services can also multiply the positive effects of your .gov backlink placement efforts. Please check this out to learn what many other customers have to say about the results that they continue to provide them.

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