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         A successful guest posting campaign requires more than just epic content with mind-blowing value for your ideal audience. Aside from making sure that your landing pages and opt-in offers are optimized to produce significant subscriber and referral conversions, your guest posts should also be placed at the right types of Web properties where your target viewers hang out.

         In addition, your material should be optimized for you to get the maximum SEO benefits from your guest posting campaigns. This also requires the most suitable placement for your guest posts.

         Since this can get very confusing and at times even excruciatingly slow and difficult (not to mention costly), especially for those with no significant experience in doing this right - Found below are some pointers to make things a lot quicker, simpler and easier for you. Let's start with some tips on how to find the right publishing partners for your guest posts.

Quick & Easy Ways to Find the Best Publishers for Your Guest Posts

         1. Perform timely market research to find out the relevant stuff that your target viewers are searching for on the Web at the moment. Using standard practices for keyword research and data analytics in the niches and industries where your business operates in can give you the best results.

         You can use the Google Keyword Planner and the Bing Keyword Tool to do this, or any other relevant keyword research program. You can also use other platforms like Web forums, authority sites, social media networks, local and international multimedia news portals that are wildly popular across your target audience.

         This will help you learn about the trendiest news and the most controversial topics that your ideal viewers are most likely talking about, though of course - Take note of recent news and hot topics that are directly and laterally related to your brand, content, products and services. Then in your preferred keyword research tool and data analytics platform, you can use certain keywords and keyphrases that are related to the needs and concerns of your target audience, specifically those that can be resolved by your offers.

         2. Once you have a list of keywords and keyphrases with significant search demand and reasonable competitiveness, you can then move on to track down where your ideal audience hangs out on the Web to find, discuss and comment about the hottest topics and the most recent news stories related to these keywords and also to your brand, content, products and services. What you can do is to use those keywords in Google and Bing.

         This will give you a list of top ranking pages and sites in Google and Bing for those keywords. What you can do at this point is to cherry-pick pages and Web properties that are in laterally relevant niches and industries. That's because you shouldn't expect a direct competitor to be interested in publishing your guest post, for obvious reasons.

         3. You should also visit those top ranking pages and sites to get a good feel of those Web properties, its content, the authors and their traffic. Once you think that its owners, their regular viewers and subscribers would most likely be receptive to your guest posting offers, check if you can later on leave some insightful comments and replies to relevant and highly popular posts and content materials in those sites.

         That's because establishing yourself as a friendly resource of helpful commentaries across those sites can make your name quite familiar not only to the regular viewers of those Web platforms, but also to its owners and operators. So, imagine what this can do when you contact them later on for a possible guest posting deal. Just remember to shortlist your preferred sites.

         4. At this point, you can use certain platforms to learn about the traffic volume estimates, DA (domain authority), PA (page authority) and other helpful details of those top ranking pages and sites. This will allow you to trim your shortlist down to those that can give you the best results for your time and effort through a well-planned guest posting campaign.

         5. You should then gather the contact details of the owners and operators of the Web properties in your pruned shortlist. Keep in mind to take note of the preferred contact methods of each Webmaster, along with their countries of origin, time zone and business hours. Also study the writing tones and styles used by the authors at those sites, in order for you to integrate a similar style into your guest posts, though of course - Inject your own character and personality into your work, particularly something that your ideal viewers can resonate with.

         Follow these pointers, and you'll be on your merry way to finding the best publishers for your guest posts. If you want to take advantage of the expertise that a seasoned guest posting service provider can offer at the most reasonable prices, then check out SEOETraffic.Com. Go here to learn more about the results that they continue to produce for many business owners and online affiliate marketers through optimized guest posting campaigns.

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