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         Guest posting is a simple yet very effective way to drive significant volumes of targeted Web traffic to your content, products and services. When done right, you'll be able to establish a content syndication and publication network that can help you promote your offers and position your brand across wider segments of your ideal audience.

         You'll also be able to considerably cut down your advertising and marketing costs through guest posting campaigns. You can optimize your subscriber and customer acquisition overheads by simply implementing high converting tactics into the landing pages of your Web properties where you funnel the targeted traffic from your guest posting networks.

         However, you should of course write effective guest posts before you can produce the results that you want. To help you out, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Steps to Write Effective Guest Posts

         1. Know your ideal audience. Check out where they hang out on the Web when they want to find helpful content for their related needs and concerns. In addition, take note of the exact topics, products, companies and providers that they're discussing in detail, specifically the hottest news relevant to your brand and offerings.

         Also, study how they talk to each other, how they respond to published materials and comments, and the types of topics that are heavily shared by a significant percentage of your target audience across their own social and professional networks. Plus, don't forget to take note of how they craft the CTA (call to action) sections of the most popular content materials in the Web properties of your prospect publication partners. You should also go to the pages that are linked by the CTAs of those posts, as well as download the free offers in those landing pages or sign up to their mailing lists.

         When you do this correctly, you'll have a large set of interesting topics and hot news stories to write about for your guest posting campaigns. This can even improve your chances of convincing your prospect publication partners to post your materials in their sites for the benefit of their viewers. By knowing how your ideal audience prefers to talk to each other and the type of materials that most of them share across their own networks - You can integrate these writing tones and styles into your guest posts, which can in turn help you establish yourself as a friendly resource with a personality that they can relate to.

         Based on what you learn at this point, you can also integrate the most suitable styles and tactics into the CTAs of your guest posts, as well as into your landing pages, free subscription offers and downloadable promos. Just remember to use your results to optimize your tests for your guest posting campaigns.

         2. Find the right publication partners for your guest posts. Remember, your direct competitors won't obviously have any interest in publishing any material from competing brands. This is why you need to look at laterally relevant niches and industries that serve a significant percentage of your ideal viewers.

         For example, if you're promoting health and fitness content, products and services that would be most helpful for single American ladies aged 20 to 35 years old, then owners of heavily trafficked blogs, sites and online communities like Web forums with discussions related to career advice and post graduate studies for women would most likely be ideal guest posting partners. You'll have a better chance of convincing them to publish your epic guest post in their Web properties, than trying to negotiate guest posting arrangements with owners of popular health and fitness blogs for single American ladies aged 20 to 35 years old (your exact target audience).

         By knowing the hottest topics and discussions in their Web properties, you'll be able to craft your guest posts in a way that would be very enticing for the owners of those sites. After all, they want to please their regular readers, and they know that an epic guest post about a recently popular topic for their readers would be able to do this right, without any resource cost on their part.

         Remember, you have two objectives for your guest posts. One is to convince your prospect publication partners to agree with your guest posting offers. The other is to grab the attention of your target audience, keep them interested enough to read the rest of your materials, make them want more from you and compel them to go to your landing page to get your latest offers that can help satisfy their immediate needs and solve their urgent concerns.

         In addition, you should keep in mind the SEO benefits that you can get from properly implemented guest posting campaigns. To do this, you need to make sure that you’ll be getting an optimized combination of dofollow and nofollow links from your guest posts to your landing pages. The DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) of the sites that will publish your guest posts and links should also be taken into consideration. Remember, you should also have an optimized combination of high, medium and low DA and PA links.

         The main purpose of these parameters is for your link profile to look as natural as possible in the eyes of Google and Bing search engine bots. In line with this, you should also keep in mind to have your guest posts published in different types of sites and Web properties.

         If you want a quick and easy way to do all these things right, then you should take a closer look at the guest posting service offers of SEOETraffic.Com. You'll be able to leverage their years of experience in producing the exact type of results that many online business owners and digital multimedia marketers want from well planned and effectively executed guest posting campaigns. To learn about the benefits that you can get from using their guest posting services, go to guest post service here to check out what others have to say about SEOETraffic.Com.

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