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        Guest posting is a cost-effective way to funnel targeted online traffic from popular sites, blogs, Internet communities and other types of Web properties straight to your landing pages and offers. This is where your content is placed in front of the eyeballs of your ideal audience, which frequently hangs out in these heavily trafficked websites.

        How they get to your landing pages is through the CTA (call to action) sections of your guest posts, which should have links that point to your onsite content and offers. However, as soon as they click your CTA links and arrive at your Web properties, you should implement effective conversion tactics.

        This is to make sure that your newly found traffic won't go to waste. After all, your main objective as an online business owner or as an affiliate marketer is to convert warm traffic that lands in your sites and blogs into subscribers who want more content from you. The next step is for you to convert your subscribers into paying customers, and for them to become repeat buyers. Finally, they should be satisfied enough with your content, products and services for them to feel obliged to recommend your offers across their own social and professional networks of like-minded individuals with similar interests, needs and concerns.

        This vast network of prospects should also feel the need to do others a favor by mentioning your brand, content, products and services each time they discuss relevant topics in the online groups and communities that they frequent. Aside from getting more people checking out your offers, you'll also get natural links, which can in turn improve the SERPs (search engine ranking placements) of your Web properties for heavily searched keywords in Google and Bing. This can of course drive more targeted traffic to your sites and offers.

        However, these are ideal results that can usually be generated by a well-planned and properly executed guest posting campaign. To produce similar results, you must implement optimized conversion techniques into your landing pages. Here are some quick and easy pointers on how to improve your landing page conversion tactics:

How to Increase Guest Post Conversions

        This set of tips assumes that you already know how to correctly identify hot topics to write about, for the benefit of your target audience. At this point, you should also already know how to find the right prospect publication partners, convince them to agree with your guest posting deals, and to effectively funnel their traffic to your landing pages and offers. If you want to learn more about these things, then check out the other simple to follow guides in SEOETraffic.Com.

        1. Integrate Google, Facebook and Bing re-marketing and re-targeting code into your landing pages, and also into the other pages of your Web properties. This way, you'll be able to quickly access a straightforward way to advertise your promos and offers to viewers who have already shown some interest in your content, products and services.

        This is also known as an invisible opt-in technique by many online marketers and Internet business owners. When funneled traffic from your published guest posts starts to arrive at your landing pages, cookies from these platforms are legitimately entered into the Web browsers of viewers who are by default logged into their Google, Facebook and Microsoft accounts (most of them are)

        This allows your Google, Facebook and Bing ads to be displayed to them whenever those viewers are hanging out in any of these platforms, checking out and searching for related stuff. Your ads will also be shown to them whenever they're in relevant third party sites that use these platforms as ad publishers.

        2. Propose compelling reasons why viewers who arrive at your landing pages should sign up to your mailing list. This is usually done, rather effectively, by offering an email series with more valuable content than what's in your guest posts, other offsite materials and onsite content.

        This email series can be a set of content in the form of guides, tutorials, videos and the like, which can be drip-fed to your subscribers within a span of say 7 to 10 days or so. You can also offer email support to subscribers who have questions and concerns regarding the stuff in your content materials, as well as access to a members-only content repository with even more mind-blowing content.

        Just do your homework when it comes to identifying the relevant things that your ideal audience wants, and you'll be on your way to crafting enticing opt-in teasers and compelling subscription offers in your landing pages. By doing this, you'll also be able to entice viewers from your guest posts who have yet to subscribe to your offers through more effective  ads across the networks mentioned earlier (Google, Bing and Facebook).

        Integrating a touch of creativity into your guest posting campaigns can go a long way, so remember that there are many ways to entice your first time viewers to become your subscribers. Aside from an email series, you can offer software downloads, discounts or trials for your services, etc. As you can see, this is primarily dependent on your niches, industries and the needs of your target audience.

        Just remember these pointers whenever you're planning to launch a guest posting campaign. If you want things done right for you without any hassle on your part, then you can take advantage of the expertise of the guys at SEOETraffic.Com when it comes to developing and executing successful guest posting campaigns from start to end. With their cost-effective guest posting service, you'll even get SEO benefits, which can generate additional loads of targeted traffic for you. Go to the site to check out what others have to say about SEOETraffic.Com.

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