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Document sharing or PDF Submission Service is one of the hidden gems among internet marketers to gain your SEO Rankings. Good content is always appreciated and if that content is published on high page ranked document sharing sites, you’ll get new targeted visitors with quality one way links.

Our Document Submission Service is reliable and done by professionals. Your content with link back to your site would reach to lot of users as these online document sharing has lots of readers. These file sharing websites are user friendly and have high PR, so it’ll help to create your sites’ reputation among search engines plus your website also gets some good diversified links .Our team will send you a detailed report on the submission work in progress. Your document will only be posted on popular and high quality document sharing sites that will ensure a good benefit of backlinks and great online presence.

Our services working step by step

After order, please send us your video article or document file (PDF, Doc, excel files…). Also, send us URL and up to 3 keywords.

Our video submission experts will review the document and take care of the optimization of your document before submission to guarantee the best results.

From there, we will creating a full profile on document submission websites, including bio, site details, social networking links, etc. The website include top document sharing website: Scribd, Slideshare, Issuu,     Zoho docs...etc

Then, we will submitting the document in top 50 popular websites.

 We will send you the report so you can check all our best service for you!

Benefits of Using Our Video Submission Service

  • Traffic from file sharing websites: These websites have millions of users who visit these sites for information and thus your website content comes handy and you get visitors to your site from here. In this way online document sharing helps you in getting a lot of direct traffic.

  • Link Diversity: It helps in building more Permanent backlinks for your site. Most websites are usually linked to blogs, article directories & social media sites etc. If you choose our docuemtn Submission Service for your website, you will get a variety of high quality and diversified links to your site.

  • Instantly Improve Search Engine Rankings: These PDF Submission sites indexed very fast, so your document also gets indexed quickly and hence your website ranking will certainly improve with good Page Rank.

  • Improve Search Engine Traffic: As a result of improved SERP, your website will get more organic traffic from search engines.

  • As we optimize the document  every way, including choosing the best filenames and using the best keyword phrases, your keyword strength is improved dramatically, securing you good positions in the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Our services have the following features

Excellent backlink generation opportunity as search engines like Google catch the document links

Top document sharing site chosen for the distribution of your article, document.

Attractive content that ensures good number of views and downloads.

Fresh documents uploaded regularly to create brand identity and enhance reputation on the web as well as on reader mindMore and more new traffic on every submission

We use both Direct Upload and URL/ Embedded Code Submission as per the requirement of each document sharing site.

We take care of everything from account creation, to registration and confirmation processes.

Increased chances of referral contacts through downloaded documents

Fully manual submission. No automation software of any kind will be used.

Effective contribution made to SEO rankings

Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Document submission?

Document Submission is one of the best indirect methods to improve your SEO ranking. When you share high-quality contents over the internet in the form of PDF or PPTs or DOC, XLS ...etc, the users are tempted to look for the source of the content. In this way, you are able to target a particular section of the crowd that can be converted into buyers. While you submit document, file in the top document sharing site, you will also get one way backlink to your website.

Why is video marketing important for a brand?

These days, document submssion is extremely important for a brand because it is currently one of the most impactful marketing strategies. Because internet users are very interested in viewing online document, you will be able to drastically boost your online visibility and traffic rate.

How do you market the videos?

We submit the document to a number of online dcument sharing web sites and Web 2.0 properties. This will help you to get instant visibility for your videos online. Also, we provide five social bookmarking and five permanent directory listings for each landing page.

Do you make use of any automated tools for the submissions?

No, our company utilizes search engine friendly method for submitting your videos and submits them to each video sharing site manually.

Will I receive index able links from your video submission service?

Yes, each link that you get from our service will be index able, since we will submit your videos only to sites that feature a 'do follow' attribute.

Will you send me any report once the video submissions are completed?

Yes, we will send you a comprehensive report after the submission process is complete.

I have more questions?

Just send us message, we will respond within 24 hours!