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"Videos help in conveying your message easily there by increasing your sales, improving your reputation and also increasing website traffic!"

Have you thought how much exposure a product gets when it is marketed when infomercials are played on television channels? People get easily attracted to videos because of the illustrations and if it is interesting enough, people will grasp the whole advertisement and infomercials. The same idea is used in the internet world, and the term here is where videos are submitted to video sharing websites.

It is one of the effective internet marketing ways and has gained great popularity. It is not important that your video has to be created with high end requirements; all it need is to be marketed effectively. Our team submits videos in the top video sharing websites to drive quality traffic to your website.

Since Youtube became the top of the list of videos sharing and viewing, a lot of people submit their videos on Youtube which limits people to submit videos on more video sharing sites because of which promotional videos get limited popularity. When you use our video submission service, your promotional videos will be present not only on Youtube but also on other popular websites so as to be known from all four corners.

All our submissions are done manually for gaining better online presence.Manual submissions are considered to be a great search engine friendly procedure. When you use our service, you do not have to worry about the submissions as we make plans before working on your video submissions.

Our team offers an inclusive video submission service. In case your videos you send do not meet the submission requirements, we can help out in making videos that will fulfill the requirements. We will create search engine titles and descriptions about the video and submit it in the suitable categories. Our packages do not have hidden costs. Our packages are designed in a way that customer needs are met effectively.

Our team will send you a detailed report on the submission work in progress. Your videos will only be posted on popular and high quality video sharing sites that will ensure a good benefit of backlinks and great online presence.

Our services working step by step

After order, please send us your video (only 1 video, it is up to 120 MB size and up to 5 minutes limit MAX on the video. Or you can simply provide us a YouTube link to your video and we can get all the information from there. Also, please send us your website URL and up to 3 keywords.

Our video submission experts will review the video and take care of the optimization of your videos before submission to guarantee the best results.

From there, we will MANUAL subimit your website on top 100 video sharing websites with Page rank from 9 to 4. And also, we will drop your URL website on to the sharing video website in the description for backlinks if possible.

Then, we will share your Youtube video in 500 to 1000 SOCIAL NETWORKS to increase your YouTube visibility and Ranking.

 We will send you the report so you can check all our best service for you!

Benefits of Using Our Video Submission Service

  • It helps in getting more traffic to your website.

  • It helps in building more Permanent backlinks for your site.

  • Get good-quality one-way backlinks for your web site from high-traffic network; no reciprocal linking mandatory.

  • There are multiple uses, such as inviting viewers to your site, telling your prospective customers about your company, and explaining about your products and services.

  • You can keep your customers in an interesting way and thereby lead the competition in your industry.

  • Enhance your brand identity and brand profile online.

  • As we optimize the videos in every way, including choosing the best filenames and using the best keyword phrases, your keyword strength is improved dramatically, securing you good positions in the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing

  • Your web site’s online popularity is amplified with our video submission service.

  • Our video submission service forces high-quality traffic to your web site.

  • One video can be submitted to several video submission sites.

  • You can drive traffic from several video submission sites to which you have submitted your video.

  • Search engines give more weightage to videos.

Our services have the following features

Search Engine Optimization for Videos.

Top networks chosen for the distribution of your videos.

Correct categories chosen for all the submissions to enhance your site’s visitor quality.

Our video submission experts will submit your video in the correct category to get maximum advantage.

We use both Direct Upload and URL/ Embedded Code Submission as per the requirement of each video sharing site.

We take care of everything from account creation, to registration and confirmation processes.

We take care of the optimization of your videos before submission to guarantee the best results.

Fully manual submission. No automation software of any kind will be used.

Services cover confirmation and registration.

Selective submission to relevant sites.

We provide full report on submissions.

Selective submission to relevant sites.

Affordable and time bound video submission services.


Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is video submission?

Video submission is the process of expanding the online presence of your products or services through the use of promotional videos. These videos are submitted to top-quality online video sharing sites like Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, Photobucket, DailyMotion, Myspace and much more

Why is video marketing important for a brand?

These days, video marketing is extremely important for a brand because it is currently one of the most impactful marketing strategies. Because internet users are very interested in viewing online videos, you will be able to drastically boost your online visibility and traffic rate.

How do you market the videos?

We submit the videos to a number of online video sharing web sites and Web 2.0 properties. This will help you to get instant visibility for your videos online. Also, we provide five social bookmarking and five permanent directory listings for each landing page.

Do you make use of any automated tools for the submissions?

No, our company utilizes search engine friendly method for submitting your videos and submits them to each video sharing site manually.

How much do you charge for your video submission service?

Our rates for this service depend on which package you choose. With several packages available to meet your video sharing and budget needs, you can take time to review which video-sharing package is right for you.

Will I receive index able links from your video submission service?

Yes, each link that you get from our service will be index able, since we will submit your videos only to sites that feature a 'do follow' attribute.

In what way is your video submission service different other online video submission services?

First, we take great care to ensure that the whole process is extremely search engine friendly by offering 100% manual submissions. Next, we submit your videos only to 'do follow' video sharing sites. Moreover, we also make sure that every video submission site we use has a phenomenal reputation and that they have solid visitor traffic. Overall, we follow the industry's best practices for video marketing.

Will you send me any report once the video submissions are completed?

Yes, we will send you a comprehensive report after the submission process is complete.

I have more questions?

Just send us message, we will respond within 24 hours!